Pics From Today of Dutch, Mace and Some of The Ladies


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I was specifically trying to get pictures of Panda, Zane's daughter, and in the process, snapped some of others.







Hey Cyn great looking ladies there. And Mace almost looks like a blue barred in that pic.

I do have a ? is the red and black gal, (she is in the last pic for sure) a BR/BO mix?

I have 2 of these and that is what they are. I also have a roo of this mix that I am not going to be able to keep and am just sick over it.

I sure wish I could keep them all but the sad fact is I can't and here ya can't give them away even if you could afford to.

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I am not Cynthia, but the chicken you are asking about is a golden laced wyandotte.

Cyn, Dutch & your girls are gorgeous!!!! I can't wait to have some!!!
Such beautiful, happy chickens! I know that my new rooster from your flock will be from Dutch and he is nearly as handsome as Zane and Hawkeye.

Steff is right. That is Vada, my only Golden Laced Wyandotte. She's got pretty good lacing for a hatchery Wyandotte, better than the two SLW girls who are a couple of weeks older than her. Mace is very light colored, so maybe that's why he looks bluish. Dutch is several shades darker with crisper barring.
Carri, yes, that's Dutch. He's amazingly like Hawkeye, moreso than any other cockerel I've had from the Hawkeye/Lexie pairing. Zane, Gabriel and Mace are all more narrow, more like their small framed mama, although Zane is bigger (or was, before his illness) than the other two. Dutch is huge, big chested and just the perfect breeder for the BR flock.

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