PICS: Now if I DO go tomorrow..


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Feb 13, 2011
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can I try to sex them by the featherings??

lets see if I can get these right: ( I also if I DO go to the TSC; I really dont want to get more RIR or red sexlinks..
and I'd like to be able to 100% identify these please help me w/the ID's of them...

PULLET: the one thats spread out feathers: (is this a red sexlink or a RIR?)



Just cause i thought it was cute; before I cleaned the brooder:


and AFTER; its like I put new food and everything in it; they went NUTSO..when all I did
was change the paper! LOL

A production red is really similar to a RIR, the color is just a little lighter.

RIRs and Red Sex Link look so similar to me...I couldnt tell you which was which. We'll have to let the experts weight in on this one. But since yours looks so much like mine that is a RIR cross....that's probably a RIR in the first pic.

"What is a Production Red Chicken

A production Red is a cross of a Rhode Island Red, New Hamshire Red & a Leghorn. However, some sites say it's just a cross between the RIR and the NHR. Regardless, they lay darker brown eggs than a Barred rock who lays a peachy or light brown egg."
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I am sure that the first one is either a RIR or a production red. I am not sure how to tell the difference. I have several RIR that I raised from chicks, They looked like your first picture. I did end up with one RIR rooster last year. When we bought the chicks had similar markings to each other. The rooster had more more light colors on it. Not sure if all RIR roosters are like this or it just happened to be a coincidence. I will be watching for this next time I buy RIR chicks (probably 2 or 3 years from now).

If you are trying to guess sex you might also try looking at their legs. Might be a little young to tell for sure at this age but I would avoid getting chicks with thicker legs. (I did not look at the leg thickness on the RIR chick that turned out to be a rooster.)

Also remember that even if the chicks are sexed there is still about a 10% chance of getting roosters unless the birds are sex links. I ended up with 3 roosters out of about 30 chicks last year. The people sexing the birds do make mistakes.
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ALL the chicks in the pictures look like ROOSTERS !

I was just "kidding". Don't get upset. There will be some GREAT egg-layers there. (MAYBE ALL HENS !!!)

I have some Rhode Island Reds...they are dark-reddish. The New Hampshires are a bit lighter are the Production Reds and "Red Sex-Links".

All are GREAT egg-layers! Buff Orpingtons are EXCELLENT also !!! (highly recommended



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