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8 Years
Jun 14, 2011
Just thought I would share my BS peacock today showing off to the girls and tell the young cocks to back off. I wasnt expecting it until the spring so it was quite a pleasant surprise. The white was showing but I couldnt get the camera quick enough. But this is Floyd who is 7 yrs this year.





Nice looking spalding! He is just beautiful!

He might not be a blackshoulder though, notice the wing barring.
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Now I am confused. I purchase Floyd as a BS, but if he is a spalding WOWOWOWOWOWOW. I am new to the peafowl and get really confused at the coloring. Why do you think he is a spalding? Isnt that the Java portion of the peafowl family? Is that why he is so green and the IB is so blue? Floyd looks blue at times but when he does then he has really purple shoulders not the blackish blue. I would welcome any educationing on him. He loves nectarines and the pumpkins were his favorites. He will eat out of our hands. This is the very first time we have EVER seen him in action like this. We bought him and Pink (BSHEN) at the same time. Please tell me again the name of the person that has many pictures of peafowl so that I can look at them. In the mean time I will be looking it up online.
Darn I was about to post then I accidentally exited out the page and lost everything!

What I noticed about him that told me he was a spalding is his turquoise coloration, his tight crest, and the scaled looking neck feathers he has.

This is a green peacock. Notice the scaled looking feathers. Your peacock has that scaled look in a more subtle way.

Here are some spalding peafowl photos:

Here are some photos of some male spaldings that look similar to your spalding:

If you need any more help let us know!
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Would it mean that he is split to something because he has no yellow on his face. what will happen when he breeds to the BS hen? You started something now
I want to know more about the colors. Time to start reading

Are you sure your peacock Floyd is 7 year old ???

Note your peacock had too short train feathers, hence not so big fanned train.

Peafowls past 7th year of age, had very long trains, which can be 150c.m. while older peacocks at 14 year old have 180c.m. train.

Healthy prime peacock at 8 to 14 year old, have longest rains which get longer with each moults from 2 years to 14 years old.

Aged peacocks past 15 year old have shorter trains, which get shorter with each moults during 15th year to 20th year or 25th year of age.

Your peacock don't look like either BS or IB, more likely a Spadling peacock.

Indian Blue peafowls (pavo cristatus)

Black-shouldered peafowls

Spadling peacock.

Green peacock (pavo muticus muticus)

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His tail last year was quite a bit longer. I just figured it is still growing. The feathers that I picked up from last August, some are almost 4-5ft tall (or long) I am 5ft and they are from the ground to my head. This is the same BS that I was talking about before. I am sure you dont remember me but I was going to try and get you some pictures of my BS molting?????? This is him. I can take pictures of the feathers that I have (hopefully, grandkids left longer ones) and show you if you dont believe me. I dont know what else to say about it. I didnt even know I had a spalding and still am not sure about that, other than it looks different than my IB and is very sweet and beautiful. I have been able to read a little today about them and I will learn. we have just been building pens chicken houses and loving life. I was just so proud of his tail today I wasnt expecting it until the spring and wanted to share.
Have a happy and Blessed New Year.

Heres another one of Floyd. The shadow is of one of the perches and I didnt realize it.
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The scaly neck, crest and the odd ocelli shape indicate this is a spalding. I don't think the train size has to do with age it's more of genetics.

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