Pics of the chicky kids and their new house!


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Oct 17, 2010
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Well, I figured it was time to post some pics of the chicky kids and their "new" house (a converted huge old wooden dog house). These are all Polish Laced chickies, 4 buff and 1 black and white. They are all about 8 months old now, and should start laying soon. Barney and Tater both have been squatting a lot, so we are hoping for some good eggs to incubate and raise up baby chicks!

The girls!
Meet Oreo!

Meet Nina!

Meet Barney!

Meet Tater! (she's hanging out with Spike, our roo). She is a bearded, and definitely the "top hen" in the group.

All the girls hanging out together

The one "lonely" roo, Spike!

The new house. I converted a huge old wooden dog house to have 3 nest boxes, a flip up roof in the back, a roost and a flip down door that doubles as a ramp. They LOVE it in there, and like to hang out under it during the day.

The cutest chicken farmer ever, our youngest boy Nathen.
Thanks all!

Michelle, John Deere is a HUGE thing in our house, to the point that I had a John Deere themed wedding reception lol.

Rachel, yes, Oreo is a little girl. Prissy little thing too lol
Oh how neat! We are getting ready to start a remodel in the kitchen and I have decided a John Deere themed for it. There are so many cool things out there for it anymore. My goats and dog also all have John Deere collars and bandannas!

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