Pics of the New peafowl


8 Years
Jun 14, 2011
I finally took some pictures of the new IB pair and White pair of peafowl I bought last week.


they are camera shy....

Hi Kalikopoodles,
You have beautiful new peafowls

I would like photoes of opened wings of your adult male black-shouldered peafowl, please.


clint, do you just want me to open his wing and take the picture? He is still in molt right now. I dont know why he is a late molter but he is. Let me know and I will get my HB to help me and we will get you a good one.
Thanks to all for the compliments. I am so in love with these guys. The new ones will be three this year and should lay next year. Which means more pens for the pea's. My BS cock and the older BS hen (my very first ones) are really mean and pick on the younger ones. I know its normal but I am just not liking it. Floyd is 7 this year and Pink is 6 so I guess its like the horses, just picking pecking order.
Hi kalikopoodles,
Yes, I do want you to open his wing & take pictures, but be gentle with peacock. Take pictures of wing, both upperside and underside, wing have to be fully opened, so I can see all flight feathers (both primaries & secondaries) and I can see whether primaries is in middle of moult or finishing moulting.

When BS peacock was hatching (date of birth) ???



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Being gentle with Floyd is a trick he dont like to be He needs to be gentle with me....LOL I got him last year at 5 yrs old so I dont know what his birthday is. Sorry. What are you doing with all of these pictures? Just curious.
Hi kalikopoodles,
For both study of moults and arts, because I been looked for photoes of open wings of adult male Black-shouldered peafowl, for past years, and I were about to give up until I found out you had adult male BS peafowl and asked you.

I am asking you nicely...can I copy your photoes of opened wings of your adult male BS peafowl, please ???.

If you are worried about someone is going to cheat by copy your photoes, without your permssion, I am give you my email address: [email protected]
You can send photoes with my email address.

I still am working on moults of peafowls, which have 5 plumages (juvenile, immature, 1st adult, 2nd adult, adult), start with peachicks shedding innermost primaries 1st at about 37th days of age, to a 3-year-old male peafowl complete its moulting season, when longest train feathers are fully grown.

If you spend more time with peafowls, and if the peafowls are parent-reared, they will not hurt you. If your male peafowl were aggressive & attacked you, you have to let him go hungry. If he attack you, don't feed him, and he will learn if he attack you=no dinner for him and to show him you're the boss. Keep him away from other peafowls, otherwise he'll hurt other birds. When he attacked you, turn your back and walk away, lock his pen, no dinner for him. Then try again the next day and following days.
When he show he don't meant to hurt you, then feed him and talk to him gently..."Mr are nice wonderful bird, thankyou for being nice to me"
But since he is in moult, he is unlikely to hurt you.

There are nice sweet male peafowls that can be friendly to you.



I have seen your post's regarding photos of male BS India blue wings.

Are you needing open winged photos of adult BS IB males?

I can try to get some photos for you.
May take me a few days as I will have to have help from someone to take the pictures while I hold the bird.
Sounds easy, but it is not as easy as it sounds.

If you are still interested in the photos let me know.
You can use the pictures once I get them. I didnt mean to say that Floyd is mean he's really a sweetheart, he just dosent like to be held down. I dont think that any of them do. LOL I will try and get them for you sometime today, as with Bigcreekpeafowl, I have to have someone take the picture while I am holding his legs and spreading his wings.

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