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Aug 25, 2011
I just checked some of the threads I follow and I noticed that pictures aren't showing up. When I changed my profile pic that too didn't show up, is this connected to the badges missing and fatal error glitches? I don't mind it, just curious :)
OK, just happened again, caught another screenshot. I then launched IE, pulled up the page and it all looked fine. Returned to the open FF window and by that time the pix had appeared.

It seems like a slow load issue- the avatar pix had all loaded, as had the thumbnails in the signatures. The page had seemed to finish loading (no more spinning "hourglass" type indicator.
On other occasions hitting refresh 3 or 4 times got the pix to appear.

Are those images fed from a different part of the server or a different server than the avatars, signature thumbnails, and smilies? Perhaps they are on a host that bandwidth chokes a bit today?
(this is also from the "What is this chicken thinking" thread)

Screen cap of above post. It's been 90 seconds since the "hourglass" stopped, so it didn't finish loading by itself.
edit to add: after submitting this post the image above still didin't appear, but I hit refresh and then it came up.

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I just got it again too Gargoyle, its happening in every thread and article I read. Its not happening as often but I'm still getting it.
Firefox and Windows 7. I'm on a laptop too, if that helps any.

Okay, so the reply box just got all weird too, right as I'm typing this the smilies, Bold, Italic buttons etc aren't showing up at the top, its just blank.

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