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11 Years
Aug 4, 2010
San Diego
Hi! I am having problems with pictures showing up in my post. I uploaded 3 today and they show up when I edit the post, but when I publish, they don't show up. I've noticed that other people's photos from the last few days are also not showing up. Is this a glitch? Should I upload my photos again?
Thanks for the reports, we're looking into this!

Can y'all provide more details about the situation? Is it all pictures from all time, or just recently added pics?

Can you link to example pages?
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I too am having problems with photographic images that were on a particular post of today...all have disappeared..not my own images but on another poster's thread...hope this can be resolved very soon...thanks!

images were from seminolewind's posts for me too....
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Please fix, Robert.
I have a bunch of new pictures to upload.
My pics that I uploaded on the weird wild duckling post today disappeared. Then, later, I noticed pics from a couple days ago disappearing on the same thread. The same with other people's posts.

Edit: I just checked and I can see them now.
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