pictures of hatchery & breeders Longtails?


8 Years
May 14, 2012
i think posting pictures tends to show the general quality of birds you get from hatcheries and breeders which can be decent even if from a hatchery (i have known a few ppl that have won at shows with hatchery birds) however this is rare some hatcheries are known for better quality in some breeds thus raising the chances of getting a nicer or more accurate bird by choosing who tends to have a bird with better quality. Even 2 show Q birds can produce incorrect offspring you are just increasing the chances of getting better birds.

yes i know we would all prefer ppl go to breeders but that is realistically not always an option i have birds from breeders and hatcheries some of the hatchery birds have turned out fantastic others have not the same can be said of some of my birds from breeders.

SO please post pictures of the Long tail's list the Breed, age and what hatchery/breeder they came from AND if they have the molting or non molting gene if you know. keep in mind everyone that age and environment can affect the look of a bird as can diet.

please do not argue!
keep this thread clean i want to keep it informational on the quality of birds based on the amount produced and in homes and any trouble you have had with the Hatchery lines or good things you have noticed.

thanks for your time

also Please add if they sell eggs, chicks or adults and are willing to ship this way if someone likes the bird you are showing off they can look into ordering some themselves
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