Pictures of Personalized Egg Cartons


11 Years
Sep 19, 2008
Roosts down South somewhere
Here's mine:


We bought the large box of cartons from Egg

Now we need to come up with some creative stamps.
Thanks, Mahonri! I didn't show the inside, but I have several, beautiful Bible scripture stamps that I rotate using on the underside of the lids as an added surprise to my loved ones and friends.
Thanks, Old Chick ;)

FlewdaCoop, I got the feather stamp and bible verse stamps at Hobby Lobby. I had the front stamp custom made, with my flock "name." When you're picking out your egg cartons, make sure they have areas wide enough for the stamp impressions.
I got it online. It's been several years, but I believe I got it on egg Came up with what I wanted it to say, chose font, etc. I got my Dad one for his own use, called Foster's Flock (then a smaller "farm fresh eggs" underneath it in smaller type). Just to give you an idea of how to approach the wording end.

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