Pig owners: blending in new piglets with older hogs


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Feb 10, 2013
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I posted this on backyardherds.com, but I might get more traffic here...

We have a gilt and barrow that we brought home back on Memorial Day. They are both a good 150lbs at this point.

We reserved a baby piggy (gilt) for pick up in September (so now). We usually slaughter one spring and one fall pig, but up until now someone else raised our pigs so this is the first year we've had this issue.

The older hogs are not scheduled for slaughter until early December.

Can we put the young one in with the older ones or should we keep them separate for a period of time? If so, then what is the best way to blend them in together?

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Put them together. They may let the gilt know her place, but after that they will get along. Anytime I have ever mixed any of my hogs, they usually fight each other for about ten minutes to figure out the boss then its all over. Yours may not even be old enough for them to get riled up.

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