Pig Roast info needed


8 Years
May 6, 2011
Hi All!
I am planning on trying a pig roast for my husbands birthday. I have never done this before and anxious to try! Anybody have agood recipe? Instructions? Advice?
If you do a search under my user name in random ramblings. I had started some threads on the subject. I will try and see if I can find my thread.

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A winemaker friend of mine from the old days would have a pig roast on his birthday in August every year. He'd buy wild boar's already dressed and dig a pit and cook it covered in the pit. Every guest would bring one dish and one bottle of wine, coordinated with the hostess. There would be about 50 people, so 50 dishes and 50 bottles of wine - many of the guys he knew were fellow winemakers in the Santa Cruz Mountains area and the stuff they would bring along out of their cellars was amazing. I wish I had the recipe to share with you because it was always really very good. You'll surely have a good time doing this, best of luck.
I haven't done one on the grill but I her that it is the easiest way to do it. There is a TON of stuff on the internet about how to do it, just google search
The First thing I did was google it....and found more info than I could ever keep up with! I thoyght I would ask around and sert if anyone could suggest their favorites so I atleast know the source. Roast isnt until end of June, so I will let everyone know how it goes then!
what cut of meat are you going to use. pork butt-sholder or what. you need a good rub and lots of time to cook it right. how many people are you going to feed etc. your best bet is to go to COOKSHACK.COM. go to the forum and you can get all the info you need.
hope this helps.


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