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  1. Ive searched the internet and cant find the anwser! I need to know how big to make pigeon nest boxes. Just a general measurement and I can tweak it if necessary. Thanks
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    I raised pigeons when i was a kid and we never used nest boxes. They used flat spots like shelves and benches that we had in the pigeon/chicken coop.
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    When i had alot of pigeons the hens were picky.. all of the hens wouldn't nest up in high levels we had to cut cardboard boxes.. cut the bottom out then cut a small hole for them to go in and out and place the box in the corner on the floor and thats how they nested...

    They only nest on the floor in the loft..lol

    We had nest boxes up high for them but they never nest in then they only use thoughs boxes for sleeping [​IMG]
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    We plan on trying those square plastic milk cartons. I read that the hen will begin laying a second clutch of eggs while the squab are still being weaned. So you're supposed to take a milk crate and put a divider in the middle. That way she can sit in one nest while the growing squab are grooving next door.

    I haven't tried it yet. I'm still letting my pigeons settle in before providing them with nest boxes. And I'm sort of wanting to set up a wall of ledges for some sort of fancy dovecote. I just can't decide what to make the ledges out of that will be easy to clean and won't have a risk of toppling over [​IMG]

    Here's a plan for nestboxes: http://lovebirdsloft.homestead.com/LOFTACCESSORIESPLANPAGE.html
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