Pigeon with 2 different color wings

Not sure what you want to accomplish with different colored wings:idunno:confused:
The pigeons I ran across were mostly symmetrical in color/pattern.
There may be pigeons that are not, but that is probably due to some unexpected gene mutation.
If you wanted to create something different, you would probably need to find some MAD SCIENTIST, working in some secret laboratories, trying to recreate the dinosaurs from fossil DNA.

I do not advocate this, but if you really need to have a 2 color winged pigeon, maybe use hair color like for humans. :idunno
Pigeons do come in FANTASTIC COLOR combinations, like this one. Not sure if color pattern is symmetrical

on other side
pigeon from barcelona.PNG

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The pigeon pictures you most likely saw were just genetic mutations. They haven't proven breedable as far as I've seen and read about.

They're generally called Mosaics or Chimerics, they're fairly rare since its not a breedable trait. I've been extremely fortunate to have witnessed two in my life so far, both of which were not for sale unfortunately for me :p I'm not sure of the odds of one popping up, but there are also some really pretty and more easily accessible breeding projects out there like with almond, ice, bronze and opal ^^

(heres two pics from google of what I'm fairly sure are mosaics)


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No, it appears to be a recessive red with possibly a few other modifiers, that birds look could be because of a white/pied marking or something else like bronze added with the red ^^
You could breed pigeons with white on the wings such as Baldhead, so that when it extends the wing it sort of mimics the look of a mosaic, theres a lot of pretty color combinations that can give beautiful multi-coloured wings & shields on pigeons like Opal, Almond, or even just bronze or Chequer, but as for having a single bird with each wing being a whole different colour (like red & blue) I dont think its possible (some birds who are pied may have markings where they end up with one wing being colour and the other white, but its different than a mosaic, genetics are weird haha :p)

Pics are from google, in order is two black baldhead pigeons, their shield is colour but the flights are white. The second is of a black bird with a white shield, the third is of an almond pigeon with its multi-colour flecking.

edit: sorry for the file names, I save over old files ^^;


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This that is not a thing that can be bred for, or inherited as such. It is the same as we get sometimes when breeding budgies.

We call them 'half siders'. It is not passed on to their offspring at al. It is caused by a fault / problem when the bird is in very early development in the embryo stage.. basically its 2 birds.....that are to individuals (twins), but they get stuck / fused together when they start to develop... sound scary lol!!!

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