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    Does anyone have access to the latest standard of perfection and can you share what the standard is for pilgrim geese? Thanks!
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    That would be an infringement of the copyright and a violation of BYC rules. However, you can google the American Standard of Perfection and find several copies at Cornell online Library that can be downloaded. A bit out of date but a start.

    The Pilgrim Goose is in the Medium Class. Standard weights are:

    Old Gander 14#
    Old Goose 13#
    Young Gander 12#
    Young Goose 10#

    Color of male is white with some gray.
    Color of female is gray with some white.
    Bill, shanks and feet are orange.

    Hope that helps.

    ETA: the Standard of Perfection is only $59 postage paid direct from the American Poultry association website.
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