Pine Needles OK???

Chicklette 1

9 Years
Jul 8, 2010
My 20x20 run is partially under some very old pines and now that fall is here, the needles are dropping like crazy. They seem to make a nice soft ground cover but being fairly new to chickens, I just wanted to make sure. I have tons more I could put into the run if they are OK. Thanks for any advice you can give me. Oh and also, I think I read that the leaves from the deciduous trees are good too??
People use both, should not be a problem. I used to use pine needles as mulch around my bushes --- until I got chickens and they happily scratched it all away.
Pine Needles are wonderful! They smell great,.. termites hate them and they don't have hollow centers like hay or straw so parasites can't live/ hide in them. Best of all,. if you have Pine trees,.. it's FREE!
We used to pick up the pine needles that fell in the street and were run over a few times, they get super soft and the hens really liked them
My coop/run sits under about a dozen 80 year old pine trees. As you can imagine everything is covered in a thick layer of needles and it really seems to work well for us.
I went right back outside and started filling the run with pine needles. I will do more today. It really seems to keep it neater looking but then it has only been one day.

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