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Aug 20, 2014
North Florida
How do you guys use pine pellets? And (unrelated ques) keep water container clean?

After a week, I'm definitely sold on pine pellets. I'm also convinced I'm not using it to its full potential. At first, I added minimal water before using, and mixed with wood shavings. This created a top wet dirty layer, and underneath was dry. Opposite of my previous problem.

Yesterday I added 1.5 gallons of water to a bag, and I almost feel it needed more. Did not mix. It still seems to be worse on the top, and not very easy to clean. I for the 1st time today used an old dish drying rack to scoop it and mix. It actually seems better now, than yesterday. Maybe because of the added moisture.

I'm thinking next, some kind of solid base, with holes or slits, to lift it and get everything. On youtube, I found people showing what to do for horses, not ducks. And they definitely clean larger areas quicker.. It may be because they use tools I don't have. A kitty pooper scooper may make a huge difference.

And water, the container reserves, is getting dirty. I don't fully understand why. Seems counter intuitive to me. It's a small exit area that is designed to release water in small controlled amounts. So dirtiness is going from drinking area, down under metal, then up into hole area, and entering all the main water. I'm thinking of just fitting some kind of filter material to prevent backwash entering.

So crazy how much info is out there, but how its not so easy to get all the duck answers with google as it is for other questions.
I agree it can be nearly impossible to get answers to basic duck questions. So, I turn to this forum.

Here is what I do with compressed sawdust pellets and water.

(If I have shown you this before, please bear with me.)

The ducks splash so much they wet the top layer right away. I come in with a Rubbermaid dust pan and scrape the top layer off daily. Then I stir it a bit.

I like the stew pot - with the flat bottom and straight sides, it is quite stable and the ducks can wash off in it. This is really important in the winter when it is so cold outside there is no swim pan available.
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