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    Someone who purchases eggs from me sent me this picture this morning. It almost looks orange-y in this pic, but he said it's more pink than orange. I've tried to do some research online, but can't seem to find anything hard and fast. Some sources say it's no big deal, while others say it means the egg is infected with bacteria and should not be eaten. I was hoping y'all could help me out.

    I gather eggs every day, rinse them under lukewarm water (no soap, no harsh scrubbing - just enough to get any dirt/poo off them), and then put them into the fridge. I've never encountered this problem before, and have been raising chickens and selling eggs for a couple of years now. If it is bacteria, why would only one of the eggs be affected?

    4-1-15 EDITED TO ADD: After speaking to others, this is apparently just blood and is nothing to be overly concerned about.
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