Pink eggs!

Any more folks with pink/ pinkish eggs? I've read a lot about barred rocks being a pretty dependable layer of pink-tinted-brown eggs. Does that go for all Plymouth rocks or just barred? Also I see in pics that NHR eggs look like a nice pinkish brown. Is that just an affect of the camera or what? TIA!!!
Yeah! I've considered adding a pick layer to my flock also :D
Well in my reading I've come to realize people tend to call different colors pink. Some call the browns with a pink tint "pink" and some call the cream with a pink tint "pink" but I don't care what "pink"! I just want to know who laid the egg you (as in whoever replies...) called pink. Ya know??? That being said... I've read on a # of occasions that Sussex, faverolle and SFH lay a creamy pink and then that brahma, orps and austrolorps can lay pinkish browns and that barred rocks tend to lay pink brown more often than not. I may have my answer already, but I still think it'd be cool to have as many people's actual experience in one thread as possible for those of us who are curious. I've read and heard a lot but it's always from someone who "read" or "heard" it too. I want to see who actually had pink(ish)layers and what breeds they were. Maybe then those of us looking for them will have an idea of whether or not it's really uncommon to actually end up with one. Judging from the lack of replies, I'm guessing so. :(
I have a couple australorps who lay pinkish eggs sometimes. They range from a pinkish brown to quite pink so it's not exactly the consistently pink egg you're after. The really pink ones are cute when you do get them though. Egg shades can vary day to day and throughout the season as well. I'll try to find some photos :D
The tan eggs are from the Aussies, but you can see how they are different every day. Unfortunately I can't find any photos of the more pink ones:barnie


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