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Jan 11, 2012
anyone know what I should cross to get pink eggs? I've also heard of yellow eggs but I don't know what lays them. Most of my girls are Easter eggers or Americaunas with a few pure bred thrown, RIR, NHR, Coockoo Maran, Wellsummer and some Wyandotts. All my roos are Am. Thanks for any help or suggestions.
I have had EE's in the past that have layed a light pinkish egg. Some of my EE's layed green and blue as well. It just depends on the specific bird I believe.

Pink is really in the eye of the beholder. Some people call light brown pink, some people like myself call a brown or light brown with a chalky coating as pink.

With that said, it depends on what kind of pink you mean. I know my Coronation Split Sussex lay consistent pink eggs as well as some Jersey Giants I used to have, now, for a nice chalky pink, that often just happens with most any brown laying young pullet and disappears with age, but, some it is a recurring trait. Some of my Brahmas continued to have chalky pink eggs up to year 2.

But, the most consistent is in breeds that lay light brown eggs. The pinkish egg in my avatar is from my Sussex, and always turns out like that.
As Ilia says, pink is really a shade of brown. My cubalayas lay a shiny egg that looks pink to me. Not just a chalky coating over pinkish brown. But if you look close and put that egg next to a light brown egg from RIR you will see it is a shade of brown.
Thanks for all the info on pink eggs. Sometimes I'll get a half and half egg --- half brown and half pinkish. It's a black sexling that will sometimes lay that. Any idea why this happens?
She needs her ink replaced! She is runnin' out of color! :)

Some birds lay odd colors. I had a older Buff Orpington that would lay almost a brownish white egg every once and a while. They she would lay a brown egg. I think it has to do with there egg cycles or something along those lines.

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