Pink eye HELP!


11 Years
Jan 14, 2009
SE Iowa
I need some advice on the treatment of pink eye in goats.
I have 60 feeder goats that have classic early stages of pink eye and I need to get them treated! If anyone know of a good product I could pick up at the livestock medicine store I would APPRECIATE IT!

I would like (in a perfect world of course) a one dose treatment so that I don't have to stress my boys out too much by running them through the shoot a dozen times.

We used to use an antibiotic that we injected into the lining you see when you pull down the eyelid. It was kind of spongy tissue between the eyeball and the lid. We used a very small needle and we only had to do it once. Don't remember what we used. Pinkeye in goats can be caused by chlamydia. Terramycin is effective against chlamydia.
This isn't a one-dose wonder, but it does work great and is inexpensive: udder infusion. I know it sounds strange, but the udder infusion (mastitis treatment) is made up of the same triple antibiotic combo as the pink eye ointment.
NFZ puffer and LA200 one dose seems to be working!
I am going to do it again (puffer) this weekend.
The boys are eating and doing well! Thank you all for the advice.

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