PINK Silkies & how are they "created"?

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    Quote:An animal that is displaying a recessive phenotype (such as lavender) can not be "carrying" a dominant gene (like black). Recessive genes require two copies of that gene in order to be expressed. So any bird with two copies of the lavender gene will be lavender and any bird without two copies of the lavender gene will not be lavender. Since lavender is a dilution gene that affects black, you have either black (no copies of the lavender gene), black split to lavender (black birds that carry one copy of the lavender gene), or lavender (two copies of the lavender gene).
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    Nov 10, 2010
    i hope this is photo shop or i will have to start building new coops and runs my wife is freaking out right now..... [​IMG]
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    all of mine are pink... oh wait, that's because of the heat lamp....

    Seems like I read somewhere once upon a time that it was impossible for birds to have pink feathering... It was something I read about flamingos and how their diet actually caused the pink coloring.
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    i just saw that on a thread .... I never even heard of or seen a pink silkie....yes i am still new...sorry for the bad info....
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    Quote:It's photo shop no doubt about it [​IMG]

    NYREDS Overrun With Chickens

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    Every year at our state fair there's a cage full of brightly coloured Silkies. Pink, yellow, blue, green & sometimes multicoloured. It's done with Kool-Aid. I heard a person once explain that they came from Araucana & the colour of the bird was dictated by the colour of the egg it hatched from.
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    Quote:You're right George. It is the diet that causes the pink feathering. No birds are actually pink in color without some "help".
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    LOL! That pic is definately photo shopped lol! I wish I could find the info about them. From what I remember, they didn't have them in the US, just in another country somewhere. They did have a pic but it wasn't that one lol. I know NOTHING about genetics etc. so I wasn't sure if this was possible or not? I'd love to have some Pink Cotton Candy Silkies running around!
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    Quote:LOL [​IMG]

    How about dry they use for poodles that comes in pink purple and blue and pet safe [​IMG]
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    Quote:Yes it is. It is very easy to change color in photoshop. Here is the original photo.


    I have read about using food coloring and/or kool-aid added to water and bathing them in it to "dye" the feathers.

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