PINK Silkies & how are they "created"?

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    I've seen these Pink Silkies before and I'm quite interested in them! I remember finding a site that had alot of information about them...but for the life of me can't find anything now! There's 1 thread on here, but I'd like more info on them. I also saw something on "the coop" about them...after googling info...has anybody personal worked with these before and how do you get started exactly??? More info pleeeeeease [​IMG]
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    i found this when i searched pink silkies

    You would cross a red rooster on a lavender hen. All of the F1 chicks will be black leaking red ( non black) and have normal feathering. Each one of the chicks will carry a gene for silkie but will not express the silkie trait because silkieness is a recessive trait. They will be black because the lavender silkies carry a dominant genes for black color. The lavender gene is also recessive so none of the chicks will be lavender. The F1 can give the lavender gen to their offspring.

    There are two ways to produce the pink silkies.

    1. Cross a male F1 ( showing the most red) with female F1 (showing the most red). You will have to produce quit a few birds to get the a pink silkie bird- over 50 birds. Around 75 % of the birds from this cross will be black normal feathered, the rest will be silkie black, lavender normal feathered, lavender silkie, red (smutty) normal feathered, red (smutty)silkie, lavender (smutty) red normal feathered, lavender (smutty)red silkie .
    Smutty means some black in the feathers. Some of the lavs and blacks will leak red (non black).

    2. Another cross involves back crossing a red rooster to the F1 females. Half of the chicks will be black normal feathered and black silkie feathered. The other half of the chicks will have the silkie feathers or normal feathers and the red color but you will not know which of the females from the cross carry the lavender gene. You will then cross the F1 black rooster with the all the silkie red females ( I would have at 10 females). This cross will produce some lavender red ( pink silkies) and lavender red (pink) normal feathered birds, the other birds will be black or lavender.
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    Food coloring & water. [​IMG]
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    Quote:Yup, thats how they do it
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    Umm, Pink Silkies?

    It's called photoshopping.


    Tell me that isn't photoshopped. . . .
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    What if you used a red silkie roo that would get you there quicker.
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    Google color feeding. You "create" the color through their diet not breeding. If you don't maintain their diet they'll fade to a white or off white. I bred Canaries for MANY years and its a common practice and its not as uncommon as you'd think. Could be done with any breed, White Rocks, White Wyandottes, White Silkies etc so long as they are color fed.
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    Color fed? Does that mean coloring their water or something?
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    Quote:who ever wrote this was yanking your chain/new nothing about the Lav gene/or was hiding how they made them... the Lavender gene is recessive at diluting black so it takes 2 generations... lavXblack =all black split to lav F1's... black split to lavXblack split to lav = 25% lav F2's... 50% black split to lav... 25% pure black...

    but it works totally different with red!!! LavXred = 100% yellowish F1's look at a pic of the yellow on an Isabella colored bird... they are lighter than a buff color more of a yellow cream look... NOT PINK lol...

    BTW i have know idea how to get the pink color... lol
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    clinton ar
    Quote:hmmmm im thinking that pink hairspray stuff my EX GF used to use lol

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