Pinless peeper alternative?

Are you just wanting to stop the picking/pecking, or do you want something to fit on the birds that is less fiddly than pinless peepers?

Poultry pick at mates' feathers largely because they are bored or crowded. Or, once a bird has a sore, the other birds will peck because it seems to be instinct. Pinless peepers seem to help because they keep the birds from seeing what's in front of them, and therefore, keeping them from pecking what's in front of them.

Alternatives: You can make sure your birds have plenty of space. You can increase useable space for your birds in a couple ways. The obvious is to increase the size of the coop and run. If you can't easily do that, you can increase space vertically, by giving the birds some extra climbing toys like branches, tires, pallets. These also help by giving a pecking victim more places to get away. It also gives the birds more things to do and decreases boredom.

You can also look up BOREDOM BUSTERS using the SEARCH button for more ideas. The simplest is hanging greens or a cabbage just out of reach.

I hope I helped answer your question.

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