Pioneers storing eggs for long periods of time


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I hope I'm putting this in the right spot!!

I've heard that pioneers used to store hatching eggs for months on end by dipping them in something and then packing them in salt? Anyone else heard anything about this??
Do a Google search on "egg preservation" or "egg storage" and you'll find at least a half-dozen methods that have been used over the decades. Waterglass (sodium silicate) seems to work the best of them, but there were many other methods as well.

All of that said however nothing works as well as simple refrigeration.

Mother Earth News did a nice study on this some time ago. You can find it on their website.
I typed in waterglass and got you smile. I cant believe nothing has been discussed. who wants pickled eggs. waterglass and you can make it. will keep eggs for monthes without refridgeration I would like to know the details tho from an ol timer. Ive just read about it any diyers out there

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