Pip at wrong end

Lil wry

Jun 4, 2022
My duck eggs began externally pipping yesterday. This morning one of the larger eggs has an external pip at the wrong end.. What do I do? New to all this.
It depends on each egg. You might have to step in sooner if he is not doing anything. You also don’t want to step in to soon, as he might still be absorbing his yolk sack. Chewing also means he is still absorbing.
What is chewing? I don't want to mess this up. Everyone else to far has pipped on the big end. How long without progress should I wait? Do I need to pull the egg and candle it?
Their beak looks like it’s eating something, but it’s not. 😁 you could very quickly candle the egg, but it is not really necessary. I would wait 24 hours without progress. Maybe chip a small bit of shell away where he pipped so he can stick his beak out. In normally pipped eggs, they pip into the air sack, and then the declining oxygen levels force them to pip. Since he missed the air sack, you will want to make sure that he can breath.

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