pip to hatch..how long

It can take up to 24 hrs from first pip before some will hatch. Sometimes its not even the first pipper that hatches, but usually if you notice pips today, there will be chicks tomorrow!
Oh..I will not sleep tonight. Looks like a personal day tomorrow:)


Been there done that! Go to bed and get some sleep; set your alarm for about 5 hours from the time you go to bed. Chickies can last about 8 hours in the incubator okay, just make sure you have air circulating so they have enough. I have noticed with my hatches it can take up to 24 hours, but we have noticed that most take 5 to 8 hours.

Good luck!!! Mine all hatched out overnight and this afternoon... they are doing well!!!!

good night... sweet dreams...
My incubator is in the finished basement. I have ran up and down a million times since I got home today. In between chores and making dinner and such. My legs will be jello by morning. Heck..I should just sleep down there!
I was the same way with my first couple of hatches... I take it this is your first one??? It will be okay... has the chickie started unzipping yet? If you do not know, unzipping is when they start working their way around the shell to get out. if it has already started doing this, then it should not be long. Try to get some sleep...
No, I don't see any sign of that. But now there are 4 pipping and one rocking and peeping! I just don't want to miss it.
I'm amazes at how loudly they peep from inside!
Today i have pips and peeps. It IS so loud.. 2 eggs have pipped - one appears to be trying to zip thats the one peeping the most but has long periods of “rest” where nothing goes on - hope they make it out of their shells okay! My partner thinks im crazy and i just screamed at him “it’s SO AMAZING!!!” Aka, leave me alone, i watching the best show!

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