pip, zip and quit?


12 Years
Aug 2, 2010
i had a big batch of chicks that hatched one right after another pretty much, then much later had one more pip. after some time he started zipping, then i knew he was probably going to shrink wrap or have a hard time if he didnt speed things up. (had this issue before if they take too long, they end up too dry) i went to check for progress and he was half way around the egg, looking a little dry but i was going to wait. i checked again and it doesnt look like any movement or progress for quite some time. cant tell if he died or what. has anyone else had them get this far then quit? this would be my first time, too bad
I just had this happen to me over the weekend. Had like 3 that pipped zipped and quit. They started late at night and by morning they were dead. Had gotten all zipped and just couldn't get out for some reason.
they were probably shrink wrapped i'd say. i have had to help many chicks out, at least one sometimes two every hatch. i dont know why this happens, my humidity is way up there, and i do not open the bator once i have pips. im using a 1588. i was waiting to see if this one would go by itself before i tried to help, but it seems to have quit in short time of trying. i notice that if some chicks pip a big hole and take a long break before zipping and hatching, thats when they shrink wrap. this one didnt even get that far..
Sometimes incubator conditions will cause developmental issues, like a twisted beak or curled feet and toes. Either of these problems will cause hatching complications. The chick pushes the "lid" off of the egg by shoving with it's feet, and if they are all knarled up, he'll get to that point and be able to go no farther. If you get him out of the shell and find his feet all balled up, there are things you can do to fix it.

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