Pip, zip, HOORAY! Update: ONE OUT!

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11 Years
Apr 2, 2008
Southern Maine
This is our first time hatching eggs and we're letting our broody Australorp, Olympia, do all the work. Out of nine eggs, just one was messed up (bacterial growth; when we opened it up it was basically a scrambled yolk). The other eight are peeping and pipping, and one even already zipped! It's SO EXCITING! I'm dragging an air mattress out to the coop tonight and sleeping there, camera close at hand, to try and get some pictures of the hatching chicks. Every single one is moving and peeping, and all but two Welsummers (who we think have thicker shells than the Delawares) have pipped, and one Delaware is beginning to zip.

I'm SO EXCITED! Until we can tell hens from roos they will be named Uno through Nueve (presuming all hatch).

My mom says I can stay home from school, or at least be late, if they're hatching tonight or tomorrow morning.




HorseFeathers, waiting impatiently
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Omigosh! It's so exciting! One Delaware (the one that was zipping) is out of the egg! We caught a glimpse from under Lympy and I removed the shell. SO CUTE!
Only a die-hard chicken lover would sleep in the coop to watch babies hatch! You deserve to stay home from school (do you go year-round?) for being such a good chicken mama!

Keep us posted and post pics if/when you can!

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