Pipped but STUCK... Do I HELP?? ~PICS pg. 2~


14 Years
Feb 23, 2009
One of mine that was due today broke through the egg a few hours ago. The things is that his beak broke through and never went back in. I havebeen observing for awhile now and what it looks like is he's trying to pull his beak back in so he can continue to peck at it from the inside. Should I get out my tweezers and chip off alittle for him to do that?
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Check this out and see what you can find...


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-Austin from SC
Sure could. I have experienced open the bator while hatching and was very careful about it not to lose temp. or humidity.

But the only thing I am afraid of is breaking his neck or something along those line.

..But was I right about him needing his beak on the inside in order to break out? Or is it not too big of a deal?
If it's only been a few hours i would live it alone. After they pip they will sit there for a while resting and absorbing the yolk sac. You want to wait at least 24 hours before being concerned. i have had many pip like that, beak out, resting, then burst into action, sometimes the next morning. You want to be careful about helping too soon because once you do you generally end up having to help them all the way out.
Thanks airheart. I actually already did intervene. I tried pushing the beak in, but it just popped right bak out. So I chipped off a very tiny bit of the shell that was around his beak. So he's pretty much in the same situation.

I read the first post in what lowcountrypoultry sent, and how to deal with this. I just concerned that the membrane is starting to turn a 'very very white' that it had mentioned.

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