Pipping and no peeping?


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Feb 26, 2008
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Is there a problem if the little chicks have pipped and are not peeping? My friend has some hatching today and we are both newbies. One pipped more at the top the other has pipped more on the side(she has them in a egg carton). We are so excited and she is calling me with updates on their progress........ oh it's going to be a long night
Oh I should say it's going to be a long weekend. Mine are due to hatch on Mon............ so eggcited, lol!!!
Mine weren't peeping when they pipped the shell. Then once they pipped the shell they took a day long nap!
I was soo worried something was wrong, then the next day they start popping out like no sweat!
ok, there is some really little peeping she says. Once she turned the humidifier off she heard it
. So, now the wait game is on............ ahhhhhhh I can't stand it and they aren't even mine. It's going to be a long weekend.

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