Pipping but no Chirping?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by silkies4penny, Dec 20, 2011.

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    hello, I have 6 eggs about to hatch, I have one that pipped at 8 this morning, still no sounds or anything coming from the bator, and I have had my nose glued to the window the whole day. (its my first hatch) is this normal? I have read places that the chicks can drown in the egg, so Im wondering if this may be me... My humidity has been stable at 68% for the last 3 days and 35-40% from days 1-18. maybe I just have super quiet chicks... either way, I hope having at least 1 pip is a good sign.
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    Relax!! Patience!!
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    They are resting...give them time...are they silkies? Mine did not make any noise when they were hatching and some of my silkies took a good 24 hrs from pip to hatch...as long as your humidity is level and the pip is in the right place then they will come when they are ready...sit and watch but leave them be!

    So excited for you good luck and keep us posted
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    I agree with the other posts, relax. Your chicks won't drown from high humidity during lockdown. They drown from the humidity being too high during incubation and moisture builds up in the air sack and when the chick pips the air sack the condensation in it drowns the chick. From your post your humidity has been perfect. Some chicks take minutes to hatch and some take many hours. If the chick hasn't hatched 24 hrs after pipping, then I usually check the chick and make sure it isn't stuck.
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    First bunch of hatches I did, didn't make a sound. Yet I had loads of very healthy chicks. I felt so ripped off. [​IMG] Last hatch, I heard peeping before pipping! Nearly jumped out of my skin!!! Apparently, they all do it their own way.

    [​IMG] for a GREAT hatch. Hope you'll share pictures .... [​IMG]

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