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There is no "I" in Ameraucana
Jan 18, 2008
Newman Lake, WA
I am finally offering some of my eggs for auction. This batch is scheduled to ship on Thursday, so if your post office is not open on Saturday, do not bid. There is a possibility that these eggs could ship Wednesday, it just depends on how many the gals produce for me this week.

These eggs will only be a max of three days old when they ship for better hatchability. My lines are shown with my wheaten and blue wheaten cockerels placing Champion or Reserve AOSB several times in the past couple of years. This is a difficult feat as patterned birds are very hard to get on Champion Row. It is possible for you to get some show quality offspring. I have been breeding ameraucanas for six years and this variety for five.

My birds are bred to maintain their color line and be as close to the APA Standard of Perfection as possible. Years of selective breeding are behind most of the varieties offered, but unwanted characteristics may show up from time to time.

The egg picture shown above was taken indoors, there has been no alteration in the color of the pictures.

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Mahonri's boy...

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My best hatch from shipped eggs is from Jean's eggs. Healthy beautiful birds.

I am bringing the blue wheaten. The wheaten that placed Champion AOSB at Great Falls last year is in the breeding pen.

No girls are coming to the show, I pretty much sold out all my pullets last year to local people. I may pull one of the hens out for Stevenson.
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i'm actually looking for a nice blue egg layer. are the eggs as blue as they look in the picture? cuz they're very pretty!
Yes, they are a pretty blue. A couple are but minty green.

Anyone out there got eggs from wish to comment on the color?????
I've seen these eggs in person, and yes, they are that blue. Of course, the intensity of the color might look different in direct sun vs flash vs ambient lighting, but it's really blue. Some might have a bit of a greenish tinge, but Jean must cull pretty hard for egg color as whenever I see her eggs the main impression I get is blue, not green.

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