Placement of new coop and design suggestions?


8 Years
Mar 5, 2011
I'm new to the backyard chicken family and would love some input on location and coop design suggestions. I'm in Asheville, NC, and currently have 10 chicks a little over a week old. 2 golden comets, 2 aracaunas, 6 mixed pullets (not sure what they will be exactly). Have a rather wooded lot, however, up behind our house there is a somewhat level area (open to N, E and S, wooded to the West). Would prefer a walk-in coop and fenced in yard for them. I'm open to any and all suggestions as I've never raised chickens. Would like to do it the most cost-effective way possible.
Hi and welcome!! Be sure to check out the coop forum... there are so many great ideas and lots of pictures... very inspiring!!
See my BYC for pics of my Coop and setup.
I would suggest several things, others on BYC have different concepts. Read, think about, do what works for you.
Place your Coop so the winter sun will shine into the windows. My windows face south and west.
Provide ventilation for year round, but not drafts. My eaves are vented, windows closed in winter, open in summer.
Provide for shade in the Summer, have as large a Chicken Run as you can. Include your garden as part of the run for winter.
Build your Coop on a rot proof foundation with a Deep Litter Composting Pit for ease of maintenance. (I'm very Opinionated on this)
Build your Coop with a roof overhang on all four sides, well sealed, good roofing etc for durability.
Good luck, and have at it.
Thank you for your input. Unfortunately, our land is nestled into the hillside and we have best sun exposure from east and north as trees and ridgeline surround part of southern exposure and most of western exposure. I'm wanting to put coop behind our house (we have 5.5 acres and our house sits on the first 2.5 acres) for easiest access. I like your looks simple and effective. Does your coop have a concrete floor or wood flooring?

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