Placing 16 Turkey eggs on broodies for 7/17 hatch


10 Years
Apr 23, 2009
laguna hills CA
Got 16 perfect Turkey eggs today, thanks Kevin Porter. 8 are auburns and 8 experimental crosses/mutts. Will let them rest till tomorrow. Then they will be placed with some very broody chickens that are more than ready for motherhood. Have never tried either Turkey eggs or using a broody before so wish me luck. Have to go outside right now to put finishing touches on 2 new broody boxes.

ive noticed with turkey eggs, that alot of the eggs will die during hatching when you lift the broody up to look at the eggs, so once u reach day 25, dont touch the broodies! good luck and i would like to see pictures
I sure hope to have some poults to take pics of in 4 wks or so.

Tonight I am driving myself nuts trying to decide how to set up my broodies. Right now they are sitting on a few infertile eggs in extra large nest boxes perfect for brooding. They are happy and I know I can slip all the eggs under them. Problem is that they are in a large coop and run with about a dozen other hens. It would be nice to isolate them so they don't get disturbed or distracted by the other hens. Is that good practice or am I overprotective?

Just finished a new run with an enclosure and broody boxes but am paranoid that changing the environment now will disturb their cycle. Ideally I would have had the broody hens acclimated to the private area but the eggs that I really wanted became available and got here too quick. Right now I am tempted to leave the broodies stay where they are and use the other space to thin out the younger hens and definitely the prepubescent roos that have no manners.

Experienced input would be much appreciated.

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