Placing a chicken coop


Mar 13, 2018
I have 23 acres. But its somewhat open in the middle. Rough at best. With Pines on both east/west sides. Picking a higher and drier spot is what I have to choose. And close to observe.

I am in process of building my coop. Its an 8x10 small barn. I'm modifying the inside for 7 boxes and room to roost (3 rungs 6 feet long). Windows will face south. One will be able to be opened with screen. A 32" wide vent on the north side w/screen. All able to close in the cold weather here.

I'm (daughter) going to try hatching chicks. She's a science teacher and wants the city kids to see new life. We will try 3 doz. Black Copper Marans. I have been in touch with the farmer. So his input is good. I might consider a couple of ducks as well. I have a small 1/5 acre pond.

In past I've raised ponies, horses, Feeder cattle and Silver Fox. So I know the added attention is needed daily.

This is a hobby that should keep me busy. I'm 70 years old now. Hopefully to get some rarer birds for resale later.
Thanks for looking.


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You will have a very nice coop!


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