Planning a spring coop and LOTS of questions!

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    I have 3 hens in my current coop, but just got 3 more today! So this makes six. I have decided that I want a bigger coop. Here are some questions...

    -If I get an 8x8 building, is this big enough for 10 chickens that won't be able to go outside everyday? Our ENTIRE yard floods during the summer rains (will be flooded for a day and go away over night) Besides that my girls go out at 7 in the morning and in at 6 (or whenever dark since time changes)
    -I know the outside can be painted, but can I put up some t-111 inside and paint it (put up a chicken border also) I know if I do I should give PLENTY of time to dry. Latex or oil paint?
    -How do you suggest putting in a chicken door? I use a 15" square hole.
    -What are some things that are time savers and money savers? Save beding, feed, whatever!
    -Anything else. The building will be bought in June.
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    Quote:Check out the coop designs here on BYC... there are LOTS of inovative designs and ideas. [​IMG]
    And congratulations!
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    My Coop
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    Here is what I've learned...I too am setting a coop for the spring. Chicks in a brooder up to one month old need 6" sq, older chicks (4-7 wks or so) need 9" sq. From 6-8 wks old and up to adults plan on 4 sq feet per bird. My coop will be about 8'x10' and the run will be 11'x14'. (I'll have a dozen girls the first week in April.) If you have a large run, you can go a little less on the coop. They won't likely spend much time there except in severe cold weather and at night. Hope this helps!

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