Planning ahead - broilers in IL in Dec-Feb

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    Anyone raise small batches of broilers during the deep winter cold of North America?

    I'm in northern IL - so looking at cold, snow, not very pleasant to be outdoors most of the time - temps anywhere from -10 to +40.

    I've got an insulated coop to house the broilers in...was my layer's coop until this summer when I built them a larger one in the run adjacent to this coop and run. Will brood the 25 Red Broilers in the house for the first week, then out in the coop with EcoGlow and heat lamps from then on. Yes, I've done this with layers last winter...worked fine.

    I plan to remove heat lamps by week 3 when they should be fully feathered out.

    Other than the usual - provide enough heat, water, feed - extra protein treats and greens for treats - other ideas? FF if it doesn't freeze!

    Thanks! Order arrives 12/20 - hoping to grow out by 3/7....
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    For the most part you'll be ok, but if you are talking about Cornish Cross they won't be nearly fully feathered by 3 weeks, if ever.
    They'll need heat in those temps till about 6 or 7 weeks. If you're talking about freedom rangers they'll still need heat nearly that long this time of year.
    I push chicks to be able to take cold but IMO you're pushing them too far.
    I raised 50 freedom rangers in the snow last winter. They were none too fond but did OK with a heat lamp in the grow out coop.
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