Planning for Coturnix quail: 2 story coop question + m/f mixture question

Discussion in 'Quail' started by redamber, Apr 13, 2012.

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    Newbie here, wanting quail and thinking the Coturnix are the best bet for my desire for eggs and pets. I've been reading the Coturnix posts here for information.

    My husband and I got a little excited about the prospect and bought a totally adorable coop to use/modify (designed to be chicken coop or rabbit hutch). However, it's a two story affair with a little ramp inside up to the top. How likely do you think it is that they'd ever go up that ramp?

    The bottom "floor" has enough room for up to 10 quail via the 1 sq foot per quail rule. We were thinking of getting 6 or so - or trying! I've been looking for options for local chicks without success (So Cal is heavy with chicken people but quail maybe not), but I can't see getting them shipped to me (those poor jumbling chicks!). So I may have to go the more difficult hatching egg route.

    That leads me to wonder about future sex composition. If I have a couple males in the same coop with (hopefully) more females, do you think that will cause stress since I'm wanting to keep them long term? It seems that there are a number of suggestions to separate quail by family groups (male + a few females).

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    Quail are not fond of ramps and would rather hop or fly up to the pop hole. I have an elevated coop area for my aviary quail and stacked up bricks and cement blocks which they readily use. I tried a ramp when I started with quail and found that it only took up space and the quail hopped up along the side. Here is the only pic I have that somewhat shows what I am talking about...


    As far as male and female ratio's, males can be aggressive toward each other and you will probably be asking for trouble keeping too many together. So be prepared to separate them should they fight.

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