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We just got chickens a couple of weeks ago, and my mom (who we share the property with) wants ducks! Our property is four acres, very long and skinny and ends in a pond. We have dogs so I have a fence before the pond so the dogs don't swim to visit the neighbors. I'd like the ducks to be able to use the pond, but it's on the far end of the property..

Should I build them a little coop at the far end of the property, on the other side of the fence and simply walk down to the pond to shut them in at night?

I'm planning on getting them as ducklings as I'd like them to be tame/friendly.. I was thinking 2-4? I know they will need heat for a while, could I use an old aquarium with some shavings in the bottom and have a heat lamp on it for them? (It is a 20gallon, long, we had turtles in it at one time). I could bring them out during the day to roam around while supervised, just need a place to keep them at night and when I'm not around to watch them until they're larger.

Are duck and chicken coops about the same? Do they need roosts and nest boxes?

Thanks in advance!!
Hi - Welcome to BYC - I would suggest you get a good book on raising ducks. It will probably save you lots of oops and do - overs. We have had ducks for several years now - really enjoy them. Storeys guide to Raising Ducks by Holdrread is very good.
An aquarium might work, though you might be better of with a large plastic storage container from Wal-Mart or something. Keep in mind that you won't be able to keep an eye on your ducks as well if they are at the other end of your property. A pond sounds great, but things such as snapping turtles, raccoons, foxes, and other predators are an issue. If you are over there a lot with your dogs that will help. They might or might not use nesting boxes and they do not need a roost.

Good luck! Do you know what kind you want?

p.s. Your Border Collie is gorgeous!
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Thank you both! I will pick up a book tomorrow.

If I don't have them at the pond end of the property, they could share my chickens' run, but they would have much more freedom by the pond.. Decisions decisions! My neighbor has a couple of ducks (its a shared pond) that frequently hang out on my "shore." They are a lot of fun to watch.

Fowl farm, thank you! I think she's pretty photogenic

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