planting a chicken pasture need some help

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    looking to plant a chicken "pasture". basically i'm rototilling their run and i'm going to put them in a tractor while it grows in. i've already seeded 1/2 of the run ,which i have sectioned off into 2 "pastures", with a crop of winter rye. i was considering a crop of sudan grass on the other 1/2 or a combo of winter rye and rape. but b4 i do choose i want to be sure that these types of grass aren't toxic to chickens. i know that sudan grass can be toxic to cows if they eat it after it gets hit w/ a frost. any help would be great. jim
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    Corn, alfalfa, all sorts of things can be toxic if growing in stressful conditions, Jim.

    I'm wondering if these heavier grasses aren't a little too heavy for chickens to eat.

    Sand Hill Preservation sell "Brooder Yard Greens" seed mixes. Except for millet, there are no grasses and I think the idea with the millet is that the chickens will eat the mature seed.

    Peaceful Valley sells a "Chicken Forage" mix. It contains flax but since the Omega-3 is advertised, the idea again is probably that the chickens will eat seed from the plant.

    Otherwise, these mixes are mostly brassicas and legumes.

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