Planting Artichokes with Chickens?


6 Years
Sep 17, 2013
I have a number of artichoke plants in my front yard that need dividing. I don't have much space in front to put them. I'm wondering if I plant them in my backyard where my hens range free if they will be tempted to eat them. Especially in fall and spring when they have young growth on them.

Does anyone out there have artichoke plants and chickens living together in peace? Or has anyone lost a artichoke plant to a chicken before?

This is an old question, but I'm wondering if you ever tried letting your chickens free range around your artichoke plants? I've had great success doing this, as the chickens weed and fertilize the plants and they have no interest in eating the leaves. They do love the seed heads, if I let any chokes go to flower; we call them "chicken toys" because they will play and peck at them for hours.

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