Plantings in run for feed?

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    I have been looking at switching to a really different coop and run design, called the Padlock System (see it here ) basically you have 4 areas that you rotate between. One is used for ten days, while the other 3 are resting for a total of 30 day.

    I was wanting to do plantings in each area that could feed the chickens, I am taking the idea from permaculture practices. My goal is to reduce my reliance on feed.

    What can I specific plants should I use so that there is something available at any given time, obviously you would need several types/varieties/etc to achieve this. I live in NC, zone 7. It can be trees and shrubs as well as ground cover, most likely all of the above, but what mix would give food almost year round?
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    Quote:I do this. When I started my Coop (years ago) I planted the Illinois Everbearing Mulberry trees. They worked great by dropping mulberries for 10 to 12 weeks starting in June. I have since planted Apple trees and Persimmons in order to extend the "free food" well into fall, Persimmons will hang onto the tree till November and the Apples start wind falling about the time the Mulberries give out. I have other Apple trees in my orchard and I regularly gather the windfalls with a wheelbarrow and give them to the chickens while I wait for the Chicken Run trees to mature.
    I also rigged up tomato cages with a trellis and the tomatoes grow up and onto the trellis dropping fruit till frost-----the Chicken Run tomatoes grow better then the ones in my garden! My garden shares a fence with the Run and excess or spoiled veggies get tossed to the chickens. In the fall when I’m done with the garden, I open the Run/Garden pop door and let the chickens clean/till/fertilize all fall and winter.

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