plants in aviary with my pheasants


7 Years
Aug 29, 2012
Hello I wanted to find out what kind of plants I can put in my new aviarys I am building. They will be 8'x12'. I live in central flordia and the pens are in a shaded area with some light but not much. Looking for any suggestions on what to put in there

Also on another note sadly today I lost my red golden breeder female. If anyone is in Florida and has extra hens ether baby's or full grown for sale please let me know.

This is a picture of the cedar.

In the red golden pen I've got a elderberry, lovage, service berry, a native grass. Silver pen- yew, lovage, boxwood/ Lady Amherst- ninebark, lovage, boxwood. I also got some cedar branches from my neighbor and put them in for shade. Most plants are fine to put in, just make sure they aren't noted as poisonous. Also remember that they may try to dig them up, so go for tougher plants. I would just go to a local plant nursery and ask what they suggest.
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