Feb 27, 2022
East Tennessee
Im always looking up new plants and trees for my duck house and im always finding plants to NOT plant but what are trees and plants i CAN plant? I want to out a couple of the thin bushy looking trees for shade but i dont know what is poisonous to them! for reference i put a picture of my inspiration and a picture of my duck house!


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There is a bit you can plant, the ducks may destroy it though. Any herb plants, so rosemary and bay. Bay trees you can keep cutting them back to make more of a bush. Any fruit trees, like apples, pears, peaches apricots, plums. Or blueberry bushes. Grape vines as well. Most vegetable vines can grow up along the side. You are probably going to need to protect some of this stuff till it gets established. I tend towards dual purpose plants.
I have a mulberry bush/tree with mine. It gives them shade and attracts bugs. It is completely edible. Raspberry and blackberry bushes are also edible but might need some protection when young.
Our guys love both raspberry canes and comfrey. Both plants provide plenty of cover for hot days. The comfrey is particularly good because it grows like crazy, the ducks like to eat it and it serves as a nutrient sink. We plant them below our duckhouse to capture all the nutrient runoff, and then the comfrey sucks those nutrients up into its leaves, which we then feed back to the ducks. They are also great in the compost or to use as fertilizer laid out around trees that need a little boost. They are quite attractive too with their purple flowers.
duckhouse comfrey.jpg
The lilacs continue to be my ducks #1 4-season plant. The are decades old so no experience with seedlings. Shade, shelter, predator escape, leaves not eaten, seed pods yummy winter snack, nest hiding, and pretty spring flowers.

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