plasic bins for nesting boxes?


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May 21, 2009
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What do you guys think? after going through storage and culling down we have all these bins. (the rubermaid kind with lids) The are the 18 gallon size. I cut holes in the large side and going to screw them into the wall. It is a family disagreement that it won't be good enough for the chickens and they need proper nesting boxes. But I think they will work and it is a good way to recycle!
I think it will be a great way to recycle. I'd be tempted to put a perch right in front and just below the opening to make it easier for them to hop in. They could have trouble landing on the plastic edge when they get in. Depends on how high you put them.

When I screwed them on, instead of straight screws through the plastic, I'd use wooden strips to screw through to help hold the plastic on better and keep the screw heads from ripping through the plastic. You could use washers, but I like a wooden strip.

One benefit of plastic is that the red mites have no cracks to hide in.

Good luck!
Only problem I can think of is ventilation. In hot weather, some air holes might be good, to prevent any heat buildup. But that could be accomplished!
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I use two of those on the floor, just on their sides, as I don't see the point of fastening them to the wall. The chickens use them happily. (They are ground nesting birds, after all...) Ventilation isn't really a problem, as they just pop in there to lay their eggs, and leave. And everyone always wants to lay their eggs together, so those totes are big enough for a couple of birds to move around in at the same time.
I think the main reasons to raise them are to help keep them cleaner and to keep from having to bend over so far when gathering the eggs. If the coop is small, raising the nests will give the chickens more coop area since floor area is what counts. It is obvious people find other reasons to do it differently. I especially like Lollipop's idea on moving a broody, whether to a broody pen or a broody buster.

I like hearing how others do it differently and why. That way, we can decide which methods best suit our set-up and do it our way. With many things, there is no right way or wrong way.
Ok I think I have it figured out.. a wooden strip is a great idea to prevent cracking. Also the perch right against it. I want to cut a large square hole in the side and be able to lift the lid to clean it and collect eggs. Also thanks about the height issue I think I need to plan on putting them a little lower than I first thought. Thanks guys!
The only problem I think you might have is the hens perching (and pooping) on top of the tub since it is flat. That is the one thing I am planning on changing this summer. Our current boxes have flat lids with hinges that I lift to collect the eggs. You'd be surprised just how much poop collects up there since they all like to sleep on top of the nest box instead of the perches.

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