plastic lining in the brooder - GOOD OR BAD IDEA?


7 Years
May 1, 2012
My husband has just built a bigger brooder for the 12 chicks who overgrew the old "bath tub" brooder. He made it from plywood. And we put cardboards on the garage floor where the brooder will be located.
He put thin plastic lining inside all around it - on the floor, and on the walls, just to make cleaning easier. Now I have my doubts - should we take it off? because plastic may catch fire quickly from the red lamps. Or may be we should just leave it on the floor and put bedding (pine shavings) on it. Any advice?
Thank you for any response and help!
Seeing how they make plastic nest boxes and I have plastic in my brooder, plastic lining should be fine. Anyway, I have cardboard lining so plastic should be OK.
thank you for your reply.
Just to be sure I want to explain that it is a plastic, like we use for making greenhouses, not like Rubbermaid storage box. Any other opinions?
I use plastic on the bottom of my brooders then I put down a couple layers of newspaper and cover with pine shavings. To clean I just fold ends of plastic toward the middle and I can pick everything up at once and dump into garbage bag. Easy!!

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