Playing "Guess Whose Egg It Is" and having FUN! (I'm just glad to be getting any!)

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    So, here's about my girls and their eggs. And can we talk a little about the ear lobe thing?

    I've been getting eggs for two weeks now. Just one every day or two for over a week. On Saturday I got three and yesterday I got six. This is presuming that the egg I found under the straw wagon was from yesterday, not the day before. LOL.

    I've had some light brown/maybe pinkish and a couple shades of medium brown.
    Here's our color palette so far:


    I suspected RIRs and Barred Rocks at first. But I'm guessing there is an Orp egg in there too because I've seen her there. I'm just puzzled because it seems my Orp eggs were darker when I owned them previously. Maybe the one in the bottom right, which is the one I found under the straw wagon...

    This morning it is very cold out, enough that the hose froze. No one had laid yet when I let them out. I'm thinking maybe there will be fewer eggs because of the cold? Or maybe because I spread straw and compost on the garden last night and they are busy.


    One of my bigger BRs (Yolko) went back in and she did lay -- at least I assume it was her since I hadn't seen anyone else in there -- and I spied after she left so apparently she is responsible for a lighter colored pinkish brown egg. I am leaving it out there in hopes that it encourages the other girls to come back. Thoughts?
    I was going to take a picture of it to post but I found this sitting on it:


    It's Mamie, one of the Baldwin sisters (hmmm, or is it Emily? They are so hard to tell apart). And now I've checked a few times. She's still sitting there, but seems to be fostering Mamie's egg because there is still only one.

    Another thing I find funny is that right now I have four "official" nesting boxes, but they mostly only use the same two. I found three in one and two in the other yesterday.

    OK, now this ear lobe thing. Can someone enlighten me?

    I've looked at everyone's earlobes. And I have looked at Henderson's Chart . My EEs look like they have yellowish earlobes with red kind of marbled around. Maybe I am not a good chicken ENT and need pointers about what a chicken lobe is...
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    Oh what fun! I have spent hours watching and waiting for them to lay. . and now can tell who lays what egg. . MOST chickens that lay White Eggs have White Earlobes, a few exceptions (Barred Holland). Some of my hens with white earlobes lay a cream colord, not true white. MOST Chickens that lay Brown Eggs have Red Earlobes, a few exceptions. I have a game hen that lays white, but her lobes are red. This rule assumes purebred chickens. My Ameraucana have red, and they lay Blue. My EEs are all mixed, some with white, some with red, they all lay pale blue or blue-green. With Easter Eggers- the true test is to watch and wait. . . . . Happy times :eek:)

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