SWLA Gamefowl Breeder
8 Years
Apr 18, 2011
Welsh, LA
Help I need advice!!
Well of all my chickens I had 5 I bought from TSC they are about 6 weeks old. they are in a drop pin 4'x3' you know dome type. I went to check on all my chickens this morning and 3 where dead. They where all lying lext to each other. No blood on the dead ones. Though of the two alive one had a pencil size eraser blood spot on the side of his head, and the other one alive was pecking at the dead ones. No other blood no trace of wild animals entering around or under. nothing. I praying no disease, I'm leaning towards heat being the problem. Yesterday morning I filled there quart size waterer full and got home at 5:30 and it was empty. So I was gonna go get a gallon size one to day. To late I guess. I have a delima I know it might sound cruel but I thought about doing away with the two still alive
incase its a virus or someting because i dont want them to pass it on to other chickens. Also I got my expensive game cock yesterday (Sweater blood line) I sure cant loose him.. Just dont know what to do.

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