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    Feb 27, 2012
    I have 5 chickens, I would like to deworm each individually, not in water. No worms present, just a preventative since the dogs and cats got them this year. What product can I buy online or at the feed store to properly deworm individual chickens without going to a vet?
  2. Valbazen and Safeguard are the two most recommended. They recommend using them alternately, so as not to build a resistance to the wormer also.

    Better ask someone else for the dosage on the valbazen, as I just ODed mine on the safeguard, not on purpose, just not good with numbers and misread the numbers, so I am definitely not the one to ask about dosage.

    So far, mine have not keeled over and are eating, drinking, and acting normal and it's been hours. I used safeguard liquid for goats 10% from TSC. I'm not sure where to get the valbazen, but have heard it is the better one to use and treats all worms. Safeguard does not treat tapeworm but all others. Do not use wazine, as it only treats roundworms and has become not as effective.

    That is the extent of my knowledge...hope someone else, maybe Dawg? will pop in and help? He really knows his stuff when it comes to wormers and chickens in general! Kathy is another one who has a ton of info that is great, but she might be kinda busy? But she also knows her stuff!

    There are some threads on here too, that go into everything worms and wormers...I stumbled across one the other night and it had awesome info on it. I just can't find it again or I would put up the link to it. I have been looking for it too!
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    You can probably get Safeguard dewormer (for goats)or Valbazen pretty easily. I'm not sure if you could find it at a feed store, but you could almost certainly find it online. I use a product called the Worminator, which can be purchased online.

    I'm not sure on the dosages, so do some research on that. Hopefully somebody else like Dawg will chime in (he/she knows a lot about wormers!)
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    Feb 27, 2012
    Thank you! I am also terrible with dosage, so some help with that would be great!
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    Dosage for either valbazen or safeguard is 1/2cc given orally undiluted to standard size birds, 1/4cc for smaller birds. Redose in 10 days. There's a 14 day withdrawal after the last dosing.
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