Please bring an old lady up to date on teenage/young adult slang


9 Years
Jul 26, 2010
I think I have suddenly gotten horribly old! I can't understand my friend's 2 teenagers.

Anyone want to share any teenager/young adult slang?
My two boys informed me that "kk" means "OK."


Why they feel the need to change a perfectly good "ok," I don't know.
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brb : be right back
ttyl: talk to you later
u: you
b: be
2: to, too
4: for

i, personally, hate talking like this. IMHO, its horrible
IKR?! U can brly understnd wha were saying and tht mks it hrd 4 u 2 speek to us.

Translation: I know, right? You can barely understand what we're saying, and that makes it hard for you to speak to us.

I'm fluent in Teenager-ese, but I very rarely use it. Only if I'm in a huge rush.
I am a teenager, but like Eenie, I tend not to speak like that because I find it:

a) hard to understand because grammar is virtually unused in those kinds of messages
b) cumbersome when you can't remember some abbreviation you want to use, so just type the whole phrase out

The only ones I use with some regularity are 'ROFL' (rolling on the floor laughing) and 'LMAO' (laugh my a*** off - not sure if BYC will let me type that) because I laugh a lot and find it easier to write those than telling people I'm laughing. Doesn't have the same ring
I'm a teenger too, like some of the above people. I don't speak slang or text talk because I find it hard to understand and just plain stupid looking. My older sister is the same way as well.

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